Waverly Evans is a holistic health practitioner in the areas of massage, yoga, aromatherapy and personal coaching and is the founder of Tesla Light Systems which offers the Tesla Energy Lights™. She is also the author of the new book, "Healing Lupus: Steps in a Personal Journey."


Coaching is an empowering, healing process where you are the focus and you decide what direction to pursue.  So you set the agenda.  Coaching is also collaborative:  my role is to help you stay focused on your goals by asking probing questions and providing inspiration and accountability.

If there are areas in your life that you want to improve, but you need a little help, you might consider this service.  Coaching is not psychotherapy, but it does have psychological, spiritual and physical benefits.

Coaching is about what you truly want:  it's based on the belief that each person is naturally resourceful and creative.  You look at every aspect of your life – career, relationships, finance, health, and creativity - it’s all connected. 

As you share what's going on in your life, you form a trusted alliance with me.  As your coach, I don't have all the answers, but I try to ask the right questions so that you can find the answers within yourself.  If you have a block or resistance that you want to move through, together we can brainstorm options and design a plan with simple action steps you take each week. 

Having a coach also helps you be more accountable when working towards your goals.  So often you might tell yourself, "I WILL do this!" and then you procrastinate, forget, or get sidetracked.  When you align yourself with your intentions and commit to them in your coaching sessions, you can see amazing results in a short period of time.

Our sessions take place in person (in Houston), over the phone and/or through email.  Each session is one hour, and I charge $50 per hour.  Coaching can be short or long term in duration – and it can take place weekly, twice a month or once a month.  What each person needs is different.  You can choose what works for you.

Before your first coaching session, I will provide you with some writing exercises that explore different areas of your life.  Here's an example:  What's missing in your life?  What would make your life more fulfilling?  You write your answer before our session and then share it with me.  And we talk about it.  Your confidentiality is respected.


I became a Personal Coach in 2005 when a good friend of mine simply asked me to be her coach.  She believed I had the experience, skills and talent to be a good coach, and she already felt emotionally safe with me to share her issues.  I leapt at the opportunity and started immediately.  I trained myself by reading books on coaching and learned "on the job."  I also drew from my experience in Re-Evaluation Counseling as well as my social work background.  Additionally, I gave and received coaching from a coaching colleague so I could experience firsthand what it's like to be coached.


Tao Te Ching, verse 63

Act without acting on.
Work without working at.

Enter bountifulness when it is still insufficiency.
Answer with kindness when faced with hostility.

Begin a difficult task in its easy stage
because large problems grow from small ones.

Begin a large task in its formative state
because complex issues originate from simple ones.

But beware of those who promise quick and easy solutions! Accept problems as challenges.

In this way, the sage accomplishes great tasks
without ever having to struggle with them.